What Is Ice Facial And How Is It Beneficial For Your Skin?

With celebrities like Kate Moss, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, facialist Ole Henriksen, this old-age beauty secret is once again in fashion. And me being in touch with the trend of Korean beauty trends, I found out this was something Korean women have been doing for a while now. And not only skin care but they have started incorporating ice into makeup for a more flawless and dewy look. And recently the Indian media has been talking about it after the Indian actress Katrina Kaif had put up a video of her doing the ice facial, first thing in the morning. And as for me, though it was not ice water but the first thing in the morning I did was to wash my face with normal water for good 2 – 3 minutes.  But putting ice water on face first thing in the morning, though sounded like a bad idea(staying in a cold place) fascinated me and I thought of giving it a try.

There are two ways of having a ice facial – Ice water facial and ice cube facial. And both are immensely beneficial. Though the benefit are almost the same, there is a different way of doing it and also a different time.


What is ice cube facial?

Though I haven’t tried the ice cube facial but I have heard some really good things about it. So what exactly is the ice cube facial…

  1. Wash your face thoroughly
  2. Wrap a few ice cubes in a soft cloth or a washcloth
  3. Apply to the face only after the ice has started to melt and the cloth  is damp
  4. Using a circular motion, move the ice cubes gently along the chin and jawline, to the cheeks, along the forehead, and then to the nose.
  5. Be gentle around the area of your eyes
  6. Apply for 1 – 2 minutes in every area
  7. And follow it up with your usual skin care routine

Ice treatment happens to be a simple method to achieve healthy and radiant skin at the comfort of your home and its free! Putting ice on skin, especially on face can be a good beauty tip as ice had quite a few benefits.

Benefits of ice on skin

  • Helps get smooth skin – Ice facial also prevents wrinkles and helps you sleep better. It not only helps in tightening skin but also shrinks enlarged pores.
  • Get rid of acne – Try the ice facial and get surprised by the results.
  • Relieve Swollen eyes – Ice facial with gentle circular motion around your eyes and over your eyes and around the areas with inflammation will help you cure puffiness.
  • Reduces swelling – Ice facial helps contract blood vessels so that less blood gets to the surface of the skin, curing swellings and inflammation.
  • Reduces pimples and spots – Ice facial is loaded with benefits when it comes to attaining smooth clear skin.

Side-effects of ice on skin –

  • The delicate capillary under your skin can break if you use ice cubes directly so it’s advisable to wrap it up in a clean cloth before rubbing on face.
  • And do not keep the ice on your face for more than 3 – 4 minutes.


What is ice water facial?

So what is this ice facial that has been doing rounds for all the good reasons –

  1. Fill a large and shallow bowl with water and ice cubes
  2. Add your chosen ingredients
  3. Submerge your face for approximately 15 seconds at a time
  4. Repeat for at least 3 minutes or up to 20 minutes (depending on your skin’s resistance)
  5. Towel dry your face and follow up with your usual skin care routine

Though it sounds ridiculous this is an instant process to calm down your skin from the previous day’s chaos. It improves blood circulation to give your skin a glow and help constrict capillaries to get rid of any redness. That’s not all… it can even reduce the average lifespan of a spot by decreasing inflammation and boosting your immune system response and it’s free.

Technically, this trick is known as Thermogenesis. The process sounds a bit painful and complex but there are some amazing benefits of dipping your face in ice water –

  • It burns fat – Dripping your face in ice water can influence your nerves to burn fat throughout the body.
  • It reduces redness – Dunking your face in ice water will even out the undertones of your skin.
  • It tightens the skin – Cold water tightens your pores and gives your face a smoother look.
  • It fights wrinkles – Cold water treatment can prevent future wrinkles.

And apart from these it has all the other benefits of a ice cube facial!

While ice facials are easy, cheap and effective … there are always ways of boosting the benefits of a ice facial with certain ingredients –

  • For redness you can try AloeVera and  Cucumber
  • Remove dead skin cells you can add some micrograins to your cubes
  • Infuse rose water, green tea for a soothing experience
  • Add lemon if you want to get rid of dark spots faster

However, I would like to keep this simple process the way it is. But it is also good to keep in mind that ice is an extreme temperature… just like extreme hot is harmful for your skin so shall be extreme cold. So its very important to use caution and listen to your skin when doing this process. Also make sure the ice you use is hygienically stored. Make sure the deep freezer is clean and so are the ice trays. Because cold does not necessarily kill all the bacteria. so it is important  to sanitize the trays when possible, use gloves and use filtered water for the purpose.

So is it worth a try?! – Definitely! No harm in giving it a try for a month may be. You might just be  surprised by the results.

So guys.. that’s all for today…

Till next time. Keep Glowing! <3


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