Recent Skin Confession and Routine

I will be honest that I had gone overboard with the Korean skin care obsession. When I started off using less and simpler products by skin responded very well. I had the glow I always wanted and my skin was finally crystal clear!

When I saw the products working for me… I started experimenting with more complex products. And at times I was using more than one product at the same time. Which was a huge huge mistake.

In Dec when I was leaving for my vacation my skin started breaking out real bad! I never had so many pimples on my face in my entire life. I freaked out and ran to my dermatologists, who said I had been experimenting too much and my skin was not able to adopt to the complex products in this short time and I needed to go slow on them. That I sure knew!

So immediately after coming home… I stopped using everything and went totally basic to give my skin time to heal. I did keep following  routine but the products were very basic and I must say that had worked for me wonderfully.

I did not want to take any photographs and in fact I had no plans on writing a blog on this but I changed my mind when a friend of mine did the same mistake as me and started suffering from seriously acne problem. So I do not have many photographs but only a recent one where you can see the dark spots on my cheek. From a face full of pimples I am finally left to deal with these few stubborn dark spots!

My skin went from being like this to a total acne covered skin! This is the left side of the face now … and it took me six months to get back clear skin
The right side of my face still has the after effects of the awful skin infection that I battled. The spots are darker than they appear here but I am going to get back to my clear skin by sticking to this non complex basic skin care and of course a lot of patience! 🙂

So here is the simple routine I followed to relax my skin and get it back to shape(almost… yet a long way to go).

– Morning Routine –

Through out the day I did wash my face and re-applied the gel and sunscreen lotion. And avoided any form of makeup.

 – Night Routine –

All this while I haven’t used any sheet mask or any kind of mask. But my dermatologist suggested that I start masking now to get rid of the spots and I am going to start with home made masks, which I shall write about in a different blog and also mention the home made scrubs I have been using all this while 🙂

Other than keeping my skincare basic I also made sure I drank a lot of water and got enough sleep. I also avoided fried food as much as possible and had a lot of green vegetables.

One thing I learned about skin care is that we should never over do! Keeping things simple helps and gives you the best of results 🙂

That’s all for the day. I hope it helps somebody going through the problem.

Till next time! Keep Glowing! <3



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