The Kbeauty Routine I Finally Settled For.

It’s been almost a year that I came to know about kbeauty and the world-wide craze about it has only grown. And the most important reason behind it is… it works! And that makes it totally worth the hype.

When I came across Kbeauty, I did not find many Indian beauty bloggers blogging about it and so, I wasn’t really sure how this routine would work for Indian climate. And korean products are not readily available in India, at that time I found out only one site that was selling kbeauty products and they were expensive. Honestly, then it was this ‘expensive’ part that worried me because I did not want to invest on anything that wouldn’t work for my skin. At the same time I really wanted to try the routine because I was fascinated with the PERFECT skin of Korean women.

It was when I started searching for products that would be pocket friendly and also help me follow the routine. And I was very lucky to be posted in North East where women have always been beauty conscious. Yes! most of them here are blessed with good skin and hair but they never take it for granted and I love this fact about these women.

I did find myself few pocket friendly products and few homemade solutions and tried to incorporate them as a kbeauty routine and they had worked amazingly well for me. And with time, I gradually moved to some particular products and settled on the ones that worked for me. While I am still a fan of home-made and natural ways of following by routine, I keep these handy for busy days and for days when I am travelling around.

And so in the next few blogs in the coming week I shall be writing about what products I used and what I have started using for my 10 step kbeauty routine. And also shall be reviewing the ones that I am using in a step wise manner( 1 blog for each step).

Hoping that will help beginners who want to try kbeauty and also help you find suitable products that are available in India easily. 🙂

Till next time! Keep glowing <3


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