The Huge Kbeauty Haul – 2018

It’s been a while that I have been following the Kbeauty routine. And I have been totally loving my skin there after. All this while I incorporated the products that are readily available and a few homemade remedies to follow the routine and it has been working great for me. But it is only recently that I thought I shall give a try to a few of the famous Korean products I have been seeing bloggers from all over the world going gaga over.

For the last few months I have been going through so many products and I settled on these keeping my budget in mind. And also this is my first ‘huge Kbeauty haul’  and I am pretty excited 😀 So let’s get started! Yass 😛

  • Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water by Wishtrend


I kept hearing so much about mandelic acid and its awesome benefits on skin that I thought of giving it a try and I picked it up from Beauty Barn store in Dimapur(Nagaland). It is supposed to be hydrating , nonirritating exfoliant, penetrates into the skin easily to help improve pigmentation and heal blemishes. Till now it has been only ‘rose water’ and ‘Himalaya clarifying toner’ as my toners, I hope it shall be a welcome change.

  • Ek`el Gold Essence


This is my second bottle. Essence is something you find only in Korean brands and this was the only Korean product that has been in my shelf from the very first day I started following the Kbeauty routine. Ek`el I suppose must be one of those lesser known Korean brands and it’s readily available in stores at my place. So this is gonna stay in my routine as long as I can get my hands on them.

  • Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence


Supposedly, this is one of the hottest products of 2017 and is quite a craze among kbeauty bloggers. This product promises super intense repair and hydration. And snail mucin has been my favorite because it helped my skin heal when it was in the worst dehydrated state from staying in cold dry climate. So this has been in my list. I picked this up too from the BeautyBarn store in Dimapur.


  • Mizon Collagen 100
  • Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum
  • TIAM My Signature C-Source Vitamin C Serum


The only thing that has been missing in my skin care routine was serums. I will be honest… somehow spending so much on those tiny bottles made me feel if it would be worth it?! However I kept reading everywhere every time that ‘ serums are the most important and the most expensive part of the kbeauty routine ‘ and so I pushed myself to buy one. the first one I bought was Mizon Hyarulonic Acid 100 Ampoule and I have been addicted to serums after that. And so this year i just jumped into buying some hot trending serums that have been suggested by bloggers around. I picked up these serums from instagram stores – SkinBliss and MakeupSkincare .

  •  Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish by Klairs


Its gentle, its anti bacterial, its anti aging! Moreover it clears away dead skin, black heads and provides intense moisture. Did I need anymore reason to buy this one?! Can’t wait to try. Once again I picked this one from BeautyBarn store in Dimapur.

  • Tony Moly The chok chok Green Tea Watery Sleeping Pack


I had already used Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Lotion and I felt it would go great in a hotter climate. Now that summer is slowly creeping in I laid my hands on this. It has been helping me keeping my skin supple, soft and moist. I picked this up from a store nearby and for a really good price and it is surely a re-buy product for me.

  • Aroma Heals Body Lotion by Tony Moly


I will tell you the truth I just bought this body lotion because it smells divine!! 😀 I am more into aromatic oils than lotions for my body but this lotion smelled so good and the price was decent so I just picked it up. I love to smell amazing 😛 It was kept at the very same store from where I had picked up my Tonymoly Sleeping mask.

That’s all for the day guys! Hope you all loved the haul… do lemme know if you have any suggestions and reviews on these products 🙂

Till next time… Stay healthy and keep glowing! 🙂 <3


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