Is Running The Best Exercise?

Let’s start with saying that running is the most basic human form of exercise. And it is obvious there is a slew of benefits specific to running. Running is also cheap, easy and reduces risk of heart diseases… and you don’t have to run fast or for long to see the benefits. Study says no other exercise has such an impact that an hour of running will. And the best reason is ‘you can’t fake it‘.

So here’s a few reasons why we should all consider taking up running —

  • Running can burn calories like crazy –  

A typical hour-long run burns almost 600 calories, which is more than the stair climber , rower and the stationary bike.

  • You can run anywhere –

Running is not restricted to the for walls of your gym and so you can literally continue your exercise even on a vacation.

  • You can run anytime –

Your running trail is never closed. Whether you want to workout at 1am or 1pm it’s totally up to your wish.

  • Running strengthens the bones –

Running loads and remakes your bones along with your muscles. Whereas swimming, cycling, and other likewise exercises don’t train your brains.

  • Running does not require any equipment –

All you need is your shoes , shorts and a shirt and you are good to go.

  • Running fights off beer bellies –

Not just beer bellies but as we age we tend to get more belly fat and running will help you keep your belly fat in track. So it’s a great exercise to keep you in good shape.

  • Running makes you tenacious –

Running builds a tenacity and mental toughness.

  • Running is actually perfect for any fitness level –

Anyone can decide on some random day that they want to start running and u get set and go!

  • Running boosts your mood – 

Running helps improve your sleep quality as well as mood and concentration level throughout the day.

  • It strengthens your knee –

Let’s break the myth! Running does not wreck your knees, in fact it decreases the risk of knee osteoarthritis.

  • Running keeps your eyes healthy –

I dunno the exact reason why.. but I did read on a research paper that running reduces the likelihood of developing high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, both of which can contribute to cataracts.

  • Running fights off common cold –

If you are starting to feel sick, an easy 30-minute run can stimulate the immune system to help fight off a cold before it has a chance to take hold.

  • Running helps you reach your goals – 

The mindset and practice working towards running goals, can pay off in helping you reach other career, financial and personal goals.

  • Running can get you high –

When we run, our brain pump out endocannabinoids – molecules that keep runners happy and hooked! So… the runner’s high is real!!

  • Running can help you lead a longer healthier life –

Runners live long than those who don’t. Period.


Let’s just conclude by saying that the best exercise is the one that you enjoy and will do regularly. But otherwise… it is probably running. Running is easy, cheap and also can be done at home (you just need a treadmill) or just go out and do it. Even jogging helps… it counts as moderately vigorous exercise and that helps too!

So all you need to do is, just go out and start building up the habit of running gradually.

All you need is 30 – 60 minutes a week to reap the benefits, so perhaps we should all give it a try! It shall be worth 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Is Running The Best Exercise?

  1. frederick anderson

    Yes, but be careful – running or jogging is a compression exercise, and your joints can suffer from overload just as, for example, the steering ball joint on a car. So, especially in advancing years, maybe a rowing machine or a bicycle would be better?

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