Trip to Gangani – The Grand Canyon of Bengal.

As I stood on the ledge that offered me a bird’s eye view of the jagged columns of the canyon and the river flowing beneath I couldn’t help but praise the lord for being so beautifully artistic in the most unusual destination.


Located in the small town of Garbeta, this fascinating gorge of red soil stands on the banks of the river Shilabati. And in the plain lands of Bengal such a landscape is uncommonly beautiful and exceptionally exotic! And no wonder that it is referred to as the Grand Canyon of Bengal.


Located at around 180 odd kms from Kolkata this place is definitely worth a visit! The road is not really bad… from Kolkata to Kharagpur it’s a super smooth six lane expressway, where u could easily glide at 100 – 120 kmph. But the fun starts as u hit NH-60 from Kharagpur. The road from here is single lane , narrow but in a decent condition, this road goes ahead and meets NH-2. As we drive through the road the landscape changes drastically from lush green to arid and the colour of the soil turns red and you are suddenly on a road through lush green forest. The drive is long and a little boring but nature does give you some relief with its beauty around.


We reached the place late afternoon and the crowd had died out. But as the gorges and ravines are east facing I feel watching the sun rise from this place would be a divine experience. I did not have a good camera and the phone camera has limitations but it did gimme some satisfactory photos for memory.


However, as much as the place was beautiful I was highly disappointed when we reached the place after the long drive! It’s a shame to see such a beautiful place in such a mess. I dunno if the Bengal government has been taking measures to get this beautiful place cleaned up. It is so sad and embarrassing finding huge buses filled with picnic parties coming here a loitering the place with every possible crap!

I would love to visit the place again but seeing people littering garbage and plastics around this beautiful place is really disheartening!

Will end the blog in the hope of finding this unique beauty in a much better and cleaner state in my next visit 🙂

Till next time!


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3 thoughts on “Trip to Gangani – The Grand Canyon of Bengal.

  1. Jinx Coolness

    Yup, it is disheartening an’ disgustin to see what we humans do to mess wid God’s beautiful creations in every possible way. Don’t even get me started on the soddin govt! ?

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