Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Lotion Review

So in my recent haul I wanted to strictly stick to Korean products and I also had a low-budget. The skin care choices in this recent favorite store is considerably large but I really wanted to pick up one from the best brands. I always wanted to use green tea products and what better than starting the experience with Tony Moly. So this 160ml bottle of ‘Green tea watery lotion’ was well within my budget and I loved the packing!


It has a sweet scent and refreshing feel and a lovely finish. If you apply it,you will feel like you are applying light and thin essence. Really light and moist.Comfortable and relaxing. It’s not moist enough for dry skin though.But for oily skin or normal skin, it delivers that sufficient amount of moist. On dry skin, maybe with couple of layering, it will not be moist enough. But won’t really suggest for a dry skin.


This serum smells like a bottle of green tea. It really does! If you’re not a fan of green tea, this probably wouldn’t be for you but I love green tea and this smells quite delicious on the skin. I’ve been using it for almost 3 months now and honestly speaking, I don’t find this lotion really good on my skin in winters here. At my place its pretty harsh cold and windy! But I can surely make out it shall be a must for the Summers.


Pros – The super cute bottle with deliciously smelling green tea lotion! The lotion is light weight and absorbs quickly and is pretty hydrating on skin. And reasonably priced for a Tony Moly product. Can also be as a hydrating serum.

Cons – Not for dry skin. And also not for normal skin in harsh winters, doesn’t really do its part of good hydration when its dry, cold and windy outside.

My verdict — Not really a hit product for me and would not be missed in my skin routine if I did not re-buy this. But if you have oily skin or combination of oily and you are located at a hotter place this will work wonders for your skin. I am not sure if I would re-buy this but I shall definitely like to see how it shall work for my skin in Summers. But I am in for the Green tea toner and the sleeping mask coz I have been hearing some really good reviews of them.

Till next time. Keep glowing! 🙂


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