What is face oil? Why do u need to use them?

I won’t act like face oils are a hot thing now. Its been there for centuries. And I won’t lie either saying the idea of face oil has always been in my mind and I have been using face oils for quite a while now. In fact with having rashes, skin breakouts and oily T-zone in summers I kept looking for oil free moisturizers and serums all this while. However in the starting of winters this time I had really bad skin infection! And too many rashes and pimples and redness made me rush to a dermatologist. I spent almost an hour sitting and eating her head asking for advice for my skin problems and alterations on my skin care routine. It was when she suggested using face oils and said I could use them whole year round.

Face oils serve to strengthen and protect the natural fat in the skin, which is necessary for proper hydration. Oils can help stabilize and regulate the overproduction of sebum, and actually help get rid of acne. The right oil, of course, depends on your skin type. In the summer, skin produces more sebum, the facial glands responsible for oil secretion, while during the cooler months, production is decreased.


What is a face oil? Why should I use face oil?

A true facial oil (or face oil) contains either one or a combination of plant or synthetic oils that despite the name can be used on your face and body.

Facial oils are right for you if you struggle with seasonal or climate based dryness or have persistent dry, flaky or dehydrated skin. Facial oils are helpful in keeping skin’s vital hydration and they have amazing skin smoothing properties.

Plant oils are rich source of antioxidants. Our skin is a complex organ that can never have all its needs satisfied by a single ingredient. So facial oils are great supporting players.


How does a face oil work — Oils protect the skin’s acid mantle, rebuild and maintain skin’s lipid barrier due to external influences, like extreme temperatures, over-cleansing, low humidity, sickness and travel. They act as a carrier for other active ingredients to penetrate into lower levels of the epidermis. Since oil creates a lipid barrier over the skin, it can speed up the skin’s own healing process and repair.

Benefits of using face oil — 

  • They can help reduce wrinkles.
  • Plumps up your skin.
  • They are good for dry skin.
  • They help calm down rashes.
  • They help shrink enlarged pores.
  • The work as a great skin protector.
  • They can be a great makeup base or primer.
  • Decreases inflation and increases skin tolerance.

Can people with oily skin embrace face oils? —  When skin is stripped of oil or is not properly replenished with natural oils and essential fatty acids, it continues to produce more oil. The best way to restore balance to oily skin is to use lightweight treatments that contain pure organic plant oils. By doing so, skin’s sebaceous glands can slow down natural oil production because the skin is replenished with the natural oil it needs to stay healthy and clear.So, yes! oily skin will take face oils well but you need to chose drier oils.

The face oils that i picked up and have totally fallen in love!! A review soon and also how I included it in my skin routine <3

Concluding… Not all facial oils are the same, so what might work wonderfully to balance oily skin may not do the same for those with drier complexions, or those looking to fight the signs of ageing. And still if the thought of putting oils on your face brings really bad breakouts to mind, think again. Ancient Egyptians kept their skin vibrant and flawless with Moringa Oil. And this (very) old-school beauty secret is making a pretty big comeback right now. In fact, according to top dermatologists, facial oils may be that missing step in your beauty routine.

That’s all for the day…Till next time!

Stay well and keep glowing!

xoxo <3

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