Choosing The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin.

After much procrastination, here I am pushing myself to start writing my blogs again. It’s been a while I have been away from blogging… not that I did not miss blogging but the laziness in me is just stronger than my will 🙁

Now that winter is here I wish I could just hibernate! And the weather has not been of any help to alter my thought. It’s cloudy almost every day and it’s getting really cold!

Like it’s very essential to take care of your health in winters, it also takes a toll on our skin and hair. The weather just robs your skin of moisture and leaves your skin looking dull, dry and at times flaky. And moisturizer is skin’s best friend during winters! And that is why choosing the correct moisturizer for your skin type is also very important. You may be applying moisturizer daily but if it’s not the correct one for your skin, the problem will persist.

The power of a good moisturizer is mostly underrated. It works wonders on your skin and has a lot of potentials — it helps prevent breakouts, helps in removing wrinkles, fine lines and other age marks, it also works as a good makeup base.

To have flawless healthy skin you must choose your moisturizer wisely and here are few things to look out for in a moisturizer before you go on for selecting on according to your skin type–

  • Avoid moisturizers with Paraben – Parabens like ‘methyl paraben’ , ‘ethyl paraben’ , ‘propyl’ , ‘isopropyl’ , ‘ butyl’ , ‘isobutyl’ should be avoided as they are major cause of skin diseases and also have been suspected to cause breast cancer.
  • Isopropyl Myristate and Isopropyl Palmitate are harmful –  Skin irritation may be a concern especially when used by people with sensitive skin and also in areas where the skin is thin (around eyes and lips)
  • Benzophenone, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, and Oxybenzone are harmful – These ingredients are known to act as carcinogens and in today’s world where people easily succumb to deadly diseases like cancer it’s wise to avoid any slightest harmful ingredient to avoid the risks.

Like there are ingredients that should be avoided in a moisturizer, there are also a number of things to look out for!

  • Hyaluronic acid – It is one wonder ingredient you can always trust for any skin type. It holds water, reduces wrinkles and heals sunburn. And it’s also a great anti-aging ingredient.
  • Retinoids – Retinoids are a form of highly effective vitamin A. Retinol stimulates cell turnover, which in turn helps increase collagen production and it’s also safe for sensitive skin.
  • Peptides – They are most useful at night when the skin is in renewal mode because they heal and regenerate the skin.
  • Antioxidents – Antioxidants actually work synergistically with SPF to further protect your skin from damaging UV rays.
  • Sun-protection / SPF – I keep saying in all my blogs that sunscreen lotion should be worn daily. Sun damage not only causes wrinkles, age spots, and broken capillaries but also causes early aging of the skin. A moisturizer with SPF would be a wonderful combo!

To have flawless and healthy skin, you should be careful while choosing your moisturizer. All said and done… Every skin type has different needs and requirements and therefore it is important to choose the right type of skin-moisturizer which absolutely suits your dermatological needs. To check out how to find your skin type go through my blog – Tips & Tricks – How to determine your skin type.

Normal Skin:

 Normal skin needs an external energy boost at different intervals. It’s always great to go for nature-based products. I have normal skin and I do experiment with my moisturizers but I keep also make sure they don’t make my skin too oily or leave my skin underhydrated.

Sensitive Skin:

It is important to choose a weightless and anti-inflammatory skin moisturizer.

Oily Skin:

You should go for oil-free skin moisturizer which not just keeps your skin hydrated but also eliminates the extra oil from your body. Before buying, make sure you check the ingredients properly and choose the moisturizer which has less oil content in it.

Dry Skin:

To prevent the flakiness on your skin, it is advisable to use a moisturizer which not only soothes your skin texture but also revives your skin cells.


Now that winter is here… hope you find this post helpful in choosing the right kind of moisturizer for yourself.

That is all for the day… Stay healthy Choose wisely! Keep glowing! xoxo

Do let me know if there’s any topic you would like me to write on. I would love to <3

Choosing The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin.
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