The Indian version of the 12 – step Korean skin Care Regime

I have been getting a few emails asking if there could be an Indian version of the Korean skin care regime. And the good news is Yes! It’s really good to see so many ladies interested in taking good care of their skin and I love that I could inspire a few to do so 🙂 It sure does make me happy.

I did go through a few articles about Korean skin care the Indian way and mostly I see people stick to a 10 step routine. But I shall give a 12 step to make it easy to suit you as you might not find the mentioned products and at times… Korean products are costly. As much as they show results , they are expensive.



So here is everything you need to know about Korean skin care products and I have improvised it according to the Indian market and the availability of products here.

The cleansing process itself has 2 steps and is important to follow, atleast at the end of the day.

  • Oil cleanser – Massage you face gently with an oil based cleanser, so that the oil, dirt and makeup melts easily. Using a cotton pad wipe it off gently.

While I use TonyMoly Brightening Cleansing Oil. You can use a super cheap alternative to this… ‘Cleansing Wipes’ 😀 They work great.. not equally great.. but great!

  • Foam Cleanser – Yes your skin should be squeaky clean! You have to be sure that when you wipe you face with a cotton pad dabbed in toner there are no traces of make up and sebum. Ans if you see that you are doing it wrong.

I use TonyMoly The Black tea London Classic Foam Cleanser but there’s a lot of brands in India which sells sulfate and paraben free foams which don’t have artificial fragrance. And if you want to use a Korean one, you can try The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Lemon  from

  • Exfoliation – Exfoliators are far milder than scrubbers, and I suggest get rid of that scrubber from your routine, it’s too harsh on your skin and causes damage. Exfoliate your skin only once a week and be very gentle with your motions. Over exfoliation will cause more melanin secretion and make your skin darker.

For exfoliating I usually prefer home-made one with natural ingredients. You can check them out in High on skin II . And on lazy days I use Ek`el Natural Clean Peeling Gel.

  • Toner – A toner does a lot more that you can make out. It balances the pH level of the skin and prepares your skin for receiving the goodness of the stuffs you are going to heap on it. Always choose a toner which has no alcohol.

I have been using Himalay Clarifying and Purifying Toner and I have also started using Keya Seth Neem water on super oily skin days and Keya Seth Orange water on dry skin days(reviews soon). However, if you want to invest in a Korean toner then you can definitely check Nykaa .

  • Essence – An essence is a lighter version of serum, but it does have its own part in skin routine. This happens to be a mystery step to many as there are not many essence available in Indian market but only Korean ones. I have not been using one till now but I have ordered one.

I have ordered Dabo Korea Gold Essence. You can check for yourself if you want by clicking here .

  • Serum – It is really interesting to see how amazing a serum works on your skin. It can do wonders! And I would definitely suggest this step in your skin care.. you will be surprised how it brightens your skin overnight.

I am using Rorec Korea Snail Slime Serum which is not available in India but you can check Strawberrynet for good deals on serum. And there are also a lot of Indian brands selling serums too 🙂 Check them out and give it a try!

  • Sheet Mask – How many times in my blogs have I said that i totally love this step in korean skin care. And I am a sheet mask addict!! I am in awe with the effect it has on your skin.. I totally love it!! And the best part is I get amazing sheet masks at my place for almost half the price. Yayyy! I haven’t seen many variety in nykaa but they do have a decent number to experiment with. And I am not a ‘The Face Shop’ fan when it come to sheet mask but they have a 5+5 offer going on in Nykaa you can check it out – here .
Some Ingredients you can look out for in your sheet masks
  • Eye Cream – If you are 25 and above its time for you to start using one! And you can find any good eye cream for yourself in stores if you are not buying Korean products online.

images (2)

  • Moisturizer/Night Creams – Moisturizer plays an important part in your morning regime and a Night cream for a night regime.

For day time I am using Rorec Korea Snail Nursing Moisterizer and Guerisson 9complex from Klairs Korea as night cream.

  • Sun Care  – As much as I love sheet masks, I am very particular about this step too. If you think logically… the sun never goes down and so its UV rays are always there and so you need a sunscreen even when you are not out in the sun. I have been repeating in all my blogs how important this step is and its very important you invest in a good sunscreen lotion.

I am using Lotus SPF 50 matte gel sunscreen .

The above products I have been using I don’t wish to change anytime soon.

  • Mist – A mist gives your skin a dewy look. You can use it on your make up as it doesn’t mess up your look but gives you hydration and makes your skin look fresh.

I have put Keya Seth Lavender Freshness water in a spray bottle and I am using it as a spray mist and it works pretty well for me 🙂

These steps take less than the time you are contemplating in your mind.. trust me! And I shall segregate the Day routine and Night routine in my next blog.

Korean skin care is all about layering and layering the right product at the right time and it can do wonders to your skin. I know it looks like a huge process, but all you need is 2 – 3 minutes in the morning and the same 2 – 3 minutes in the night before bed. And I think your skin deserves this little time. A good skin is such a confidence booster, you can’t always rely on make up right.. so take care and love your skin and it shall love you back in the long run.

Keep glowing! xoxo

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6 thoughts on “The Indian version of the 12 – step Korean skin Care Regime

  1. RICHA

    HI there, I just loved this article it is very helpful. I too wish to start a korean skin care regime. In the end you had mentioned you will segregate the day and night routine separately. So is it still due or Can I find it in the archives?

    1. Preeya

      Hello Richa! Thank u so much for the love ☺️❤️ Do start with the routine.. u r gonna love how it changes your skin.
      And the day routine will be up the blog by tonite and the night routine is still due 🙂 xoxo

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