Natural Plant Bamboo Gel from BioAqua

If you have been through my blogs before, you will know I am a ‘Aloe vera gel’ person totally! I totally love my aloe vera gel.. it makes my skin soft, acne free and works great from sunburns. But in my recent haul, this lady showed me this extremely cute looking bottles and said.. “try this… I heard its really good”. I thought why not give it a try.

Price – 250/- INR for 250gms bottle.

Product Description –

  • A soothing gel with moisture infused texture that moisturizes with a cooling and soothing effect.
  • The bottle looks extremely cool, beautifully designed!
  • Has a mild smell of bamboo giving u a soothing feel. I totally love it.
  • A multipurpose soothing gel that can be used on face and body both.


Ingredients – 

Contains 99% Damyang bamboo extract. Highly concentrated bamboo extract charges skin with moisture, maintaining skin hydration, increasing elasticity and preventing skin from becoming rough and dry. Contains hyaluronic acid that creates a moisture barrier – Excellent moisture retention for effective long lasting hydration.

Impression after using –

The texture is superb, a lot like aloe vera gel and at times when your skin is super dehydrated it spreads better. I am a big fan of gel based products because they are a multi-tasking product which can be used as a moisturizer and a mask and the bamboo gel does exactly that.


It is good for all skin types and great for sensitive skin as well. On application it feels cool and relaxing. The gel spreads nice and even and is not slippery but does feel a little sticky for the first few minutes of application and so I like it more as a mask than a moisturizer.

Speaking about the effectiveness of the product, the healthy glow is visible much, so its a great option for mini facial mask before going out for a movie or a date.

Ways to use :

  1. For dry skin – Take 1 tbsp of bamboo gel and add 2 drops of coconut oil into it and incorporate well. Keep in the refrigerator for 10 – 15 mins and apply a thick layer on your face. Let it stay for 30 mins and wash off. You can do this once a week.
  2. After shaving –  Just slather the bamboo gel on the freshly shaven area for a cooling sensation.
  3. For dry scalp and hair – Apply bamboo gel to the ends of your hair or massage it into your scalp.
  4. For sunburns – Coat your sunburnt area with bamboo gel and it soothes and cools it down.

This is the reason I really love gel based moisturizers… they offer so much more than just being a plain moisturizer.

Pros of the Natural Plant Bamboo Gel 

  • Very refreshing for dry dull tired skin
  • Gives instant cooling sensation.
  • Fragrance is really lovely.
  • Just a drop of gel is enough to moisturize your face, so goes a long way.
  • It does brighten your skin after masking.
  • Pocket – friendly.

Cons of natural Plant Bamboo Gel 

  • The tube is a big one so not a friendly one for carrying in vacations or travels.
  • Not a great choice if your skin is too oily.

So, do I recommend it – YES! I love gels for my skin and this is a great product. Will I rebuy ? – Yes, maybe. I still have a lot of it left with me and aloe vera gel is still my favorite so, I might go for it for an alternative use when my skin is super dehydrated and for severe sunburns.

That’s all for the day… And if you have any other product that you would like me to review, do lemme know! 🙂

Till next tym! xoxo


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