Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera gel Kesar Chandan

Okay! I have been a big fan of the old Patanjali Aloe vera gel and have been using it for years now. So recently when this product was released, I really wanted to use it because ‘aloe vera gel + kesar(saffron) + chandan(sandalwood) wow!! I told mom to get it for me cause I won’t find it here… I still don’t! -_-

Product Description

This one also come in a hygienic travel friendly tube. The tube is plushy, easy to handle, transparent and it doesn’t spill or leak. The gel is a little runny in consistency, compared to the old aloe gel. It’s yellow in colour and has a faint smell which seems to be an artificial one, but it doesn’t bother much and I liked the smell. Priced @50/- INR for 60ml , it refreshes your skin making it smooth and rash free.


 Ingredients and Claims –

  • Aloe vera gel – 89%
  • Saffron – 0.01%
  • sandalwood – 0.10%
  • Base Material – Vitamin E, artificial colour and odour

Claims that it is useful in roughness and dryness of skin. It helps to remove pigmentation, dark spots and increase skin glow.

Impression after using 

Well I have always been a very big fan of the Patanjali Aloe vera gel and this one works exactly the same way. However the major difference I felt after using this one is it does give your skin that extra luminous glow.


I have been using this gel for a long time and in various ways. I mostly p[refer it as a moisturizer and also as a night leave in mask at some days when my skin is feeling too heavy for a cream.

This Aloe vera gel has always worked for rashes, pimples, lightening marks and it does give u a glowing skin with continuous use.

Ways to use 

  1. As a moisturizer – It is so refreshing to the skin that I am a loyal user of it. And I will say that it will work amazing for oil free and acne prone skin.
  2. As a night cream – A night cream should be more hydrating that a day cream and if you have a oily skin the this shall serve as magic. You can take a dab and two drops of your fav essential oil mix and gently apply on your face. I opt for it when my skin feels a little too oily or heavy for a  night cream sometimes.
  3. After mask gel – I am a sheet mask person and if you haven’t tried one yet you wouldn’t know how amazing it is for your skin. The only mantra to having a wrinkle free skin is a well hydrated skin. No matter how expensive product you use, the effects shall go in vain gradually if your skin doesn’t get the hydration it needs. Okay! getting to the point… I use this after masking and it works wonderfully.
  4. Use for making home-made masks – When ever I am making a mask for my hair or my skin I have to use aloe vera gel. This works great with a mask for your skin and hair both!
  5.  As a night mask – If this gel suits your skin, you can apply a thick layer and let it stay overnight. It shall provide your skin with the necessary hydration and the ingredients shall get time to work on your skin.
  6. There are various other uses like for sunburns, as after shaves and also a primer base if you are into make up.

Pros of Patanjali Saundarya Aloe vera gel Kesar Chandan 

  • Reasonable
  • Travel friendly packing
  • Great for all skin types but best for oily, combination, normal skin type. Also great for acne prone skin
  • Enriched with the goodness of kesar(saffron), chandan(sandalwood), vitamin E and aloe vera
  • It does improve your skin texture with regular use
  • Adds a luminous glow to your skin

Cons of Patanjali Saundarya aloe vera gel Kesar Chandan

  • I don’t think it shall work very well on matured skin
  • Takes time to show effect
  • May not work very well for dry skin
  • It isn’t completely herbal as it does have artificial colour and smell

Price – 50/- INR for 60ml & 100/- INR for 150ml

Well, this product isn’t a miracle showing instant effects on your skin and definitely not a product if you think it shall make you fair( a tube of aloe vera gel cannot make you fair – don’t fall for false claims). But it does no harm to your skin and works well for rashes, pimples and acne. Regular use does improve your skin texture and does make your skin glow. It is one of the best product in my vanity and I shall keep using this one for sure! Yes.. I definitely recommend it ! But be patient with the results.

Do let me know your views! 🙂

Till next time.. Keep glowing! xoxo















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