Recent Sheet mask haul!(2017)

In my recent visit to Mayanmar I picked up some sheet masks from Korean brands. They really look promising to me and I cant wait to try them! Its monsoon and the humidity has risen and my skin has become a little oily resulting to tiny pimples on my forehead. So I made a little change in my skin care routine> I am sticking to more veg based sheet masks recently though snail extract remains to be my all time favorite. So in the recent haul I restricted myself from buying animal protein products and have decided to stick to these ingredients for the monsoons.

Taking a closer look —

  1.  IMG_20170726_222803.jpg

I was totally fascinated with this mask! This one is Cloud9 essence mask sheet for lifting and it’s from the brand ClairesKorea. Yes! this was an expensive mask but I really wanted to give this a try. So this mask has Convallaria Majalis Extract ( I have absolutely no idea what that means) as the main ingredient. Review soon!

2. IMG_20170726_222908.jpg

Collagen for skin is always  a good idea! The best thing about this mask is  that, the ingredients are written in Korean as well as English. And the list of ingredients this mask has is tempting enough to try. This Collagen essence mask sheet pack is from AllnewCosmetic. Review soon.

3. IMG_20170726_221944

This one again is from Beauty Friends II and is a Herb essence mask sheet pack. Something that I have not used before. I picked this up because I read herbal extract masks help to rejuvenate sensitive skin while it also cleanses and moisturizes – perfect for the present state of my skin. This holds true or not.. well a review coming soon!

4. IMG_20170726_222637.jpg

Green tea!! Do I have to say anymore why I picked this up?! Green tea has so much benefits and I cant wait to see how this mask from MayIsland works for me.

5. IMG_20170726_222554.jpg

The only thing I could read in this packet is Tomato – lycopene extraction tomato oxygen mask haha! Okay I was just fascinated with “tomato” in the mask.

6. IMG_20170726_222945.jpg

Once again the same brand and the only thing I could read in the packet was Lemon – lemon refreshing brightening mask. But hey lemon is one of my favorite ingredient when it come to hair and skin care… I couldn’t let it go right?!

Other than sheet masks… I am sticking to water based products also. And Natural Plant Bamboo gel, Neem water and Orange water are my best friend in Monsoons.


A review for all soon 🙂

Keep Glowing!! xx

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2 thoughts on “Recent Sheet mask haul!(2017)

  1. rojasmartina

    i absolutely love sheet masks they are sooo refreshing! i yet to try the snail mucus ones but i do love creams that incorporate snail mucus, it leaves my skin feeling so light, i hope its the same with the sheet masks! can’t wait for the review.

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