Make your sheet mask more effective!

If you are a K-beauty enthusiast… A sheet-mask is an integral part of your beauty regime. What is a sheet mask? – Well at some point, while surfing through the social media you must have come across celebrities or bloggers or your friends — posing with a sheet on their face looking like Jason from Friday the 13th.

Well, not exactly, they don’t make you look that bad or scary… and that is the best part! A mask that is effective and yet make you look selfie ready. There are a lot more reasons that people are totally obsessed with sheet masks and I can go on and on about their benefits.                                            To cut the long story short , sheet masks are an integral part of Korean skin care and people are seeing results and they are relatively pocket friendly.


Since these masks can be used only once at a time ( well not really, stay tuned for my next blog on reusing your sheet masks in different ways), so here are some tips to get the most out of your sheet mask.

  • Refrigerate your mask –  While it is advised on the back of few masks to refrigerate them 30 minutes before application, I recommend you to do this which every mask you use. The cool mask helps soothe the skin from irritation and rashes and also reduces swelling. 
  •  Clean your face Even if you are not wearing make-up you have to clean your face, that’s basic! You have to be sure that your face is squeaky clean so that the skin can absorb all the active ingredients. And if you don’t follow this step you might end up doing the mistake of trapping in impurities and forcing them deeper into the skin. So use a gentle cleanse.


  • Use a toner  Toning your skin is important. It evens out your skin tone and restores the pH balance. Toning also helps you remove any traces of impurities that remained after cleansing.
  • **Steam your face – If you have a lot of time in your hands and its one of those days when you are only focused on pampering yourself… then this step is one easy and effective one. Steaming will open your pores and help your skin to absorb the ingredients better. One easy method of steaming your face – dip a soft towel in hot water, rinse and place it on your face for a few minutes. Moreover steaming has its own benefits even if you are not using it as a pre-masking step.


  • Moisturize the exposed areas If you have ever used a sheet mask, you will know that it does not cover your entire face. Its always a good idea to moisturize the exposed parts. For parts of your face use aloe vera gel or any gel based cream and cover your lips with a lip balm, i use borolene for my lips.


  • Use all  the essence – Of course it is the fluid(essence) in a sheet mask that has all the skin boosting goodness. So, do not waste a drop of it! There’s always some extra essence left in the packet after you have applied the sheet mask. Slather it all over your hands, legs, neck, nape and chest. It might feel a little sticky in the beginning but dries out gradually, leaving your skin softer.
  • Longer does not mean better – Do not sleep with your mask on. If you let your sheet mask dry out on your face it will tend to reverse the effect and dry out your face. So, wearing your mask for a longer period wont make the results any better. Its good to keep a time of max 30 minutes.


The best part about sheet mask is you can always multi task with your mask on. Like, I keep my blogging time for masking… or my reading time… while I am watching TV or even when I am preparing my salad for dinner.

And after the time of your masking is over, it is very very important that you DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE. Follow your usual skin care step of moisturizing your skin, a eye cream and sunscreen.

That’s all for the day.. if you like my post do like and share 🙂

Stay tuned for the next post. Till then,

Keep Glowing! xx

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