Hair care for Summers!

Summer has a love-hate relationship with our hair and skin! No matter how hard you try… the summer sun takes a toll on them. While we stay utterly confused with what kind of skin care shall be good during summers, the hair too suffers equally!

Whether your place is dry or humid, both the weather is bad for the hair. Its advisable to consume a lot of hydrating food, fruits and lots and lots of water.

I have been out on a vacation and I couldn’t take very good care of my hair and mostly because of the length. Taking care of long hair is real time consuming and I did not want to sit worrying about my hair and followed little simple tips to keep my hair hydrated and mostly I took post vacation care.

It is due to the sweat on the scalp and the absorption of fluids from the body that causes your hair and skin to look dull and dry. So here are few tips you can follow to keep your hair hydrated and keep those tresses from breakage and falling.

  • If your scalp is not prone to dandruff its always a very good idea to go for  hot oil massage. And I keep repeating in my hair care blogs that it is not at all advisable to keep oil in your head overnight.Wash off the oil with a mild shampoo after an hour. And if you are prone to dandruff, oiling your hair is a big NO !


  • Have some Chilled Beer!! haha.. okay kidding! But for those who love having beer in hot summers.. try using them to wash you hair. A beer was gives you hair shine and strength.

  • Dandruff is one awful problem which just keeps coming back… I do not advise oiling your hair at all if you are prone to dandruff. Go for buttermilk or a curd pack! Try it and you will thank me later.


  • Deep condition your hair with a super easy yet effective hair pack – mix egg yolks with liquid honey and few drops of olive oil. Whisk these well and when it turns creamy apply it all over your scalp and hair.
  • Want to reduce sweating in your scalp? There’s this super easy hair pack to help you reduce scalp sweat with just one ingredient! And the magical ingredient is cucumber – just make a paste of cucumber in a mixer grinder and apply it on your scalp and leave it for half an hour and wash off. This pack will cool off your scalp prevent it from sweating profusely and also prevent dandruff too!
  • Try washing your hair more often in Summers and avoid using hash chemical shampoos. And condition your hair even though its humid outside.
  • Do not over condition or over treat your hair… anything over is bad!
  • If


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6 thoughts on “Hair care for Summers!

  1. adornswag

    This egg hair pack i hve used itz so stinky and like ewww but after shampoo and conditioner my hair become almost super shiny and manageable woww….this remedy u added in ur list i like d most ?

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