Skin Care routine to follow on a vacation during Summer

I agree… Skin pampering is a drudging experience! But the after feeling of soft smooth skin is heavenly outcome. I love how skin reprieves from those blackheads, pimple scars and invigorates into a soft supple texture.

My stay in Leh had taken a toll on my skin and after coming to our new location I had to start taking care of my skin and I chose my routine wisely. I knew I was a lazy person when it came to investing a lot of time to beauty and self care… I chose an easy routine and followed it religiously. That is the key … faithfully adhere to the process in order to see expedited fruitful results. Do check out my previous blogs on skin care —

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The Reviews

April is a really bad time to go on a vacation, especially when you are staying at a place where the weather is to die for! But they say .. when you get a leave just grab it and run. Just 2 weeks of holiday and to make the most of it we chose places in and around my hometown and a hill station was a strict NO! I needed a change from the hills. When we landed in Kolkata I knew why people were complaining of the heat! It was awful, and to make matters worse… humidity! Duh! 

Those 2 weeks I stuck to my basic cleansing toning masking and moisturizing but I settled for less and effective stuffs for my routine. I basically followed a night care routine and days were mostly just sun protection!

Sun Protection 

I have always said in my previous blogs , that choosing a proper sunscreen lotion is very important and to repeat my words… If theres only one cream that you want to use or you can use it has to be a sunscreen lotion! A sunscreen lotion not just protects you from tan but also protects your skin from the harmful UV rays , responsible for blemishes, acne and spots. I am using Lotus UV screen MatteGel SPF 50 and this perfectly suits my skin and also treats my love for gel based creams. I like that this does not give any tint on my skin and blends well giving it a matte look.



The sun takes a toll on my skin and I end up having rashes and pimples. So this time I made sure I carried something that would not only act as an antiseptic but also as an essence. Keya Seth’s Neem water is going to be there in my rack from now on. I used it after coming from the sun on a clean face and did not get a single rash or red spot even after being in the sun the whole day! *A big thumbs up*



Cleansing doesn’t have to be only by using a cleansing milk, it can just be washing your face with water. As the weather was hot and humid I stuck to washing my face with cold water 2 3 times a day. But make sure you apply a cream after you have washed you face, it helps you retain the moisture. 


If you have a oily skin this should be an imperative step of your skin routine. A toner helps in mattifying the skin and removes the left over impurities of cleaning step. You just need to use this twice a day.. morning and before bed time. I was using Himalaya Refreshing and Clarifying Toner  and I recently changed to Snail Moist Deep and Smooth Toner. And I am going to keep both switching according to the weather. And for summer… nothing beats Himalaya. I used toner only as my night routine during the vacation. 




Aloe Vera Gel : A humid weather does not mean your skin does not need a moisturizer. Maybe not as much as you need during Winters but it does needs its share. Wrinkles and fine lines are a result of dry skin and its always necessary to moisturize your skin. I have a normal skin and I love the way my skin reacts to gels. I am a big big fan of Patanjali Aloe Vera gel but this tym I tried my hands on Patanjali Aloe Vera gel with Kesar and Chandan . Can I just contradict my words and say that I am going to replace my old aloe gel with this one.. this one is amazing!! A must try!



Bamboo Gel : I picked up this BioAqua Natural Plant Bamboo Gel in a haul before leaving for my vacation and I decided on carrying it with me to use it as a night gel mask. A very wise decision! It was so hot that we had to stay inside the AC most of the time and my skin tends to dry up. I used this as a night mask. This mask is thick and a little sticky but worked amazingly well as a night mask. After cleansing and toning, I used to apply a thick layer of the gel on my face and go off to sleep and woke up with soft hydrated glowing skin.


The reason I like gel masks – you can apply them and not end up looking like a ghost , can very well continue doing your work without any discomfort and yet your skin is being treated… what else do you need. 

Sheet Mask : Okay! Honestly.. I am addicted to sheet masks! I can use them everyday if my budget permits. Though I thought I wont carry any sheet masks on a vacation still I ended up taking around 12 of them with me(no regrets). I used 6 and the rest I gave away to friends and family. The best part of these masks is.. they are light weight, easy to carry, hardly takes any luggage space and  you dont have to carry them back. After roaming in the sun the whole day… these masks were a treat to my skin! I am going to keep them for my travel routine in future as well.

Some of my favorite ones
The basic ones

The Skin Care Routine

My day time care included – Washing my face with cold water and towel dry it … apply Gulab jal(rose water) … use a sunscreen lotion and finish off with a layer of aloevera gel. I am set for the day!

After being back from the sun- Wash face with cold water and towel dry … Wipe off with a toner …  Dab neem water … and apply Bamboo gel.

Alternate days I used a sheet mask and then applied bamboo gel before dozing off.

*Keep a gap of 30 secs in between the application of the products.

I hope you find this helpful 🙂 Do leave a comment to let me know …

Till then,

Keep glowing! xoxo

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