Not so Shopaholic!

I sat there staring at my phone screen… the dress looked lovely! I imagined myself wearing that and I loved how I looked… but I was skeptical! Its online shopping… what if … what if the material wasn’t good? what if the size was an issue? what if i did not look as good as i imagined? and so many questions kept popping up. I kept the phone aside and decided to get it from aΒ  shop.

Does any one else relate to this feeling of mine?? We ain’t shopaholics. Right?? Ya we ain’t! I have seen shopaholics and I can’t shop like them! I totally admire that they go by their instinct and pick up stuffs immediately! That must be such a satisfying feeling… I tried… I ended up feeling guilty :/ I knew I am weird!

However I don’t regret being this way… In fact this habit( i would call it so) of mine has helped me pick up some stuffs which I treasure and I am glad I gave it a thought before picking them up. My shopping journey does not only restrict to my clothes, shoes, bags and glares… but I love picking stuffs for my home as well! I have an amazing collection of crockery and crystal wares. And my house has a collection of antiques that I am proud of.

Army life has its pros and cons. In these three years of my life… I have been travelling like crazy and got chance to settle down at places I have never thought of making my home! And being placed in such places makes us somewhat illiterate when it comes to technological developments and I agree I am still illiterate when it comes to technology. I keep asking my friends for help and they laugh at my stupid questions but I am lucky to have them to help me… they are my lifelines! I was introduced to the world of blogging by them… Cant thank them enough. πŸ™‚

Okay getting back to my shopping journey… The best part about travelling is, every place no matter how small or big has something to offer. And the best stuffs I have picked up has been from tiny shops in the local market places and not from showrooms. There is nothing from branded showrooms that I own for my house… the curtains… the antiques… the lamps… the crockery… everything! And the stuffs I got for that price makes my visitors stay in awe πŸ˜€ I love that!!

Pune — Hyderabad — Amritsar — LehΒ  — Mhow — Tegnoupal,ManipurΒ  in 3 years. A lot of places but no complains! I left a part of me in each place… it’s not easy changing your home so often but as they say home is where your loved one is! We dint always get a bungalow or even a decent flat to stay but we made it home and I always made it a point to decorate my home and make it cozy enough for my guests, no matter how tiny they are.

Pune was a time when I was just out of my college and I was still in the street fashion mode. And I have my western clothes collection from there and I am glad that they still fit me!


This is one of my favourite dresses I got from FC road,Pune while I was in my final year of law and they still fit me. Yayy!! πŸ˜€

I also bought the first stuff for my home( a lamp) from Pune, from my first salary and gave it my personal touch. IΒ  don’t believe I got nothing for myself from my first salary but for my home haha!


Isnt it gorgeous?! I am so glad I spent my first salary on this… This remains special πŸ™‚

When I started working in Hyderabad after college, I hardly got a place to wear my western dresses.I had to wear formals and I opted for Indian formals. It was in Hyderabad that I fell in love with junk jewellery and jhumkas were something that I felt could never go wrong with my indo western style that I love… A long skirt, a crop top and jhumkas – so my kind!!


It was in Hyderabad that I came across these amazing junks and for throw away prices!

I hated leaving Pune and moving to Amritsar. I was scared that I will be totally different kind of life and also a little overwhelmed by the fact that it was not just marriage but the rules and regulations of being an army wife. But I am so glad I got to be a part of this organisation.

It was in Amritsar that I had to start wearing sarees. Every occasion had a dress code and saree was something that was a part of every important and every formal occasion. I was awed by the beautiful army wives who totally slayed in a saree! A saree – turned out to be something that was elegant, classy and yet makes you feel sexy!


A tiny petite human that I am … I never thought a saree could be my kind of dress. But turned out.. I kinda look good. πŸ™‚

I visited Mhow for just 3 months and went crazy ! Ask any army wife and she will say hands down Mhow is shoppers paradise! I picked up some amazing Maheshwari sarees , Chanderi curtains and what not! And the company I had was equally crazy like me πŸ™‚

I had only read about Leh Ladakh in travel magazines and travel blogs. People said it was heaven and even went to the extent of saying that it was one of places to visit before you die! Who knew… heaven would be my home for more than a year!

Our base was right there opposite the main Leh air base and I explored the market place like not tourist but a local. By the time I was leaving… I was a known face with the shop keepers in the market and I had made some amazing friends! I fell in love with this place and with the people! The way I saw Ladakh is something I shall cherish for my whole life and I would love to go back again and again! The place was home… soul soothing and yet adventurous! Leaving was more difficult than i thought it would be.

Leh is a paradise if you have a thing for antics! And the friends i made in the market would keep stuffs for me exclusively they thought i would like! I would fight with them to reduce the price and get myself amazing stuffs at an amazing price!

Shopping in Leh was not just exciting but it was a whole new world of knowledge about buddhist literature and how those antics were used in ancient times! I would sit hours in their shops asking questions about the stuffs in their shops and they would answer patiently. I had the best time in Leh and my house is full of stuffs i bought from there and I also picked up silver jewellery as Leh is famous for its silver and semi precious stones.


This beautiful wall hanging has all the 8 signs of Buddha.


The beautiful Naga Kanya , made of brass from Hindu- Buddhist mythology.


Goddess Tara Devi from Hindu-Buddhist mythology.


The 8 immortals on a boat from Tibetan mythology.

An incense and candle stand used in monasteries.


This beautiful ash tray was gifted by one the friends I made while I was leaving Leh πŸ™‚

After Leh I shifted to Tegnoupal in Manipur. Apart from being a beautiful place my location is very near to Laflong Market, which is at the mayanmar border justΒ  20 kms from my place… a friendship market of India and Mayanmar! Its one of a kind… where all foreign goods gather before being send to whole to India. Isn’t that amazing?!

A lot more on my travel musings coming soon πŸ™‚

P.S – Please ignore the bad photography πŸ˜› In my next blogs I shall improve my photography skills(its hightime).

Till next time.


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  1. trulyunplugged

    You are an absolute beauty, so it is fitting that you have an eye and appreciation for so many beautiful things (fashion, furnishings, etc.). I love your treasures and I think sarees are among the most beautiful attire ever! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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