1. A page from the diary of an Army Wife

After last night’s party and last minute packing when the alarm rang at 4:30 am I was having second thoughts. At -10° the electric blanket attains this magical power of becoming the most important thing. The cozy warm bed becomes more important than vacation!

But then comes the masiah.. Bhaiya! ‘Jai Hind saab’
And when bhaiya comes to ur door, how can you keep him waiting?! You Have to get up and he lets u know that it’s time to get ready for the flight and he has switched on the water heater.. What would I do without him ?

All our luggages have already gone to the airfield for security check and we are at our room having breakfast…(yes! that happens on planet Earth) ?

The airfield is full with uniformed men. I feel I am the only odd one out with the brightest pink jacket amidst the pool of combat prints. ?

Husband leaves for the documentation and I am told to enter the building and be seated at the waiting area. As i enter, there are almost 200 men there and I realize I am the only lady and that too in a bright pink jacket. Epic!! ?

As i walk through the hall, strangely I dnt feel uneasy or ursafe, nor do I hear any comments or remaks neither do I feel those eyes staring at me in a bad way (yes! That happens on planet Earth)
When I reach my chosen chair, the man sitting there gets up and along with two other men leaving 3 seats for me and leaves with a warm nod. ( yes! I am on planet Earth and this is not a dream)

As I wait there, a guy in uniform enters the waiting hall and informs the buses r ready to leave to take us to the aircraft. And all the 200 men get up and start moving.. No one pushes the other, everyone looks composed and in no hurry and they walk out calmly in a line talking and giggling with their friends.. ( I had no idea the world could be so #sane )?

Finally hubby dear appears from nowhere in his combats and ray ban (that look takes my breath away everytime ? )

And we take the bus and reach the destination.
As we get down I am awed by the humungous flying machine in front of me.. “It’s C-17 Globemaster”, he said sensing my feeling.

I was busy admiring the giant when a person in his smart airforce uniform and ray ban, comes to me and requests to board the flight ( I realize everyone who were supposed to board the machine were waiting for me.. The only lady in the crowd). Little embarrased with the realization I walk fast, past the que of smartly dressed army men(gentlemen).

Before entering the flight I turn one last time to see these different breed of men and thanking them with a soft nod, as i walk down to my seat I smile to myself feeling safer, prouder and so much more, coz the safety of my country is in safe hands.. And each day my respect for these people gets stronger and stronger… ?

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4 thoughts on “1. A page from the diary of an Army Wife

  1. Laura Bennet

    Enlightening. It sounds like you love your husband very much. A lawyer and an army wife! Quite a combination and an interesting one. Do you practice law regularly? Do you live in one place long enough to have clients? I’m intrigued. Thank you for sharing your story and for checking out my blog! I’m glad you found it enjoyable.

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