My first buys in Kbeauty

Today I am going to review some of the most amazing products that I have laid my hands on in my random hauls.I have tried these products and the result has been amazingly well on my skin.  And the price I got them for … they are definitely a keeper for me!

Brand has never been a concern for me , as long as the product is working well. But of late I feel I will experiment less and stick to these products. And I don’t think my skin is going to complain.

  1. Tony Moly Pure Snail Moisture Gel – First I am going to talk about the product that i am totally in love! In my blogs I have mentioned that I love using gel creams. They are perfect to keep your skin hydrated and does not give you a greasy feel. And the best part .. it goes with all skin types.

I have been hearing about snail prime so much from my blogger friends that I had wanted to get my hand on it and I checked on for the products. I found this gel based snail moisturizer which had 90% snail extract and could be used for face and body both. Isnt that cool!? However the price was too much for me. So I went for a haul in random shops searching for the same and I guess what… I got them!! And for an unbelievable price!


    • It hydrates your skin instantly.
    • The smell is amazing (I was dreading because the fact that it was snail prime was freaking me out).
    • Its paraben free !! <3
    • It can feel a bit sticky a few seconds after application, but disappears after a minute or so.
    • Its light on skin and is absorbed easily.
  • And now the best part.. guess how much I got it for … 1600/- only. Yayyyy!!! I am jumping 😀

Definitely a keeper!!

2.  May Island Real Essence Snail Mask Pack –  This sheet mask, I was again freaking out about the smell of the essence and also the feel. But nothing crappy happened. The smell and the essence was perfectly okay for me to deal with. And I was super happy with the result. My skin felt much better immediately. The mask is incredibly moistening! It’s like a healing boast for the skin.

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