The Tangled Wannabe called – Hair(I)

Hairfall is a never-ending story in every girl’s life. Any tiny little change in our life or our lifestyle,the first thing that falls… no prize for guessing – Hair!

Why am I having hairfall?! Is a question in our life that is more difficult than finding out what a woman is thinking :/ Our hair has a mood that can put a hollywood diva to shame!

Actually our hair is just like us – so much more than just looks! πŸ™‚ It’s a reflection and reinforcement of who you are… our hair speaks for us!

I have read that change of place , weather and water takes a toll on your hair and the result… hair fall. Blimey! And looking at the number of places I have changed in all these years of my life … trust me I would have gone bald.

As long as I remember my existence on this planet, I have had this ridiculously long curly hair. And has change of place and water taken a toll on my hair?! It has… And I have to take really good care of my hair. And with every change in place I give my hair enough time to adopt to the new environment and that takes nearly two weeks to a month.

Taking care of one’s hair and maintaining throughout is a thought every woman contemplates on every day, and I am no way different. Moreover, with this awfully long hair of mine…i am not left with much choice but to take care of it.

Hair care is all about having a healthy scalp. If your scalp is dandruff free and healthy your hair automatically becomes beautiful. And to make your scalp healthy you again need to understand what type of skin you have in your scalp. And not necessarily if your face is oily, your scalp will be oily too. For example – I have a normal skin but i have a sensitive scalp which is most prone to dandruff.

This blog I shall tell you the general dos and don’ts I follow and which are tried and tested by me.

  • Firstly, if your scalp is prone to dandruff (keeps coming back) please stop, I repeat STOP using any kind of oil. Hair oil forms a layer on the scalp that prevents moisture from entering the skin naturally. This leads to the formation of flakes and dandruff because of the choked pores. Applying hair oil on a scalp, which is already infected with dandruff intensifies the process of hair fall.
  • If oil suits your hair, use it regularly. Oil is an amazing pre-conditioner before shampoo.
  • Stop using blow dryer, curling iron orΒ  straightening iron on your hair on a regular basis. The heat makes your hair lose its lustre and in the long run you hair be end up looking lifeless and damaged.
  • Brushing your hair before bedtime is a must. But I prefer combing to brushing.
  • Do not brush your hair when it is wet, use a shower comb and comb very gently.
  • Do not change your shampoo regularly Find a suitable shampoo that suits your hair and stick to that however, every month, once or twice give your hair a change with a different mild shampoo.Your hair too needs a change!
  • Get a head massage done once a month. And head massage doesn’t necessarily have to be with oil.
  • Get your hair regularly trimmed.
  • Include food with vitamin B, C and E in your diet. Taking supplements also help.
  • And I keep saying all the time- drink lots and lots of water.

I am so sure all of us know these tips but I insist follow them! These actually help. The list above is not too long to follow and does not take away any of your extra time.

Beacause I have such long boring hair I like experimenting. Though I never cut my hair short but I have gone for chemical treatments like permanent straightening , curling , colouring … to experimenting with every new product in the market. Inspite of being experimental I have been careful not to over do and damage my hair and when it was needed I never lazed taking care of it. I love my hair just like you all do πŸ™‚

The following blogs I shall be writing about the products I have been using for quite sometime now, the home-made remedies( my fav part) and also the home-made masks which helped my hair stick to my head in my chemical treatment(straghtening/curling/couloring) days.

Do stay tuned! πŸ˜€

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