How and Where to get Korean beauty products.

Hello guys!!

Firstly I want to thank you all…  I have been getting so many messages with feedback, suggestions and appreciation… and it means a lot !

Sheet Mask Haul

I have been recieving a lot of messgaes and emails asking where I found these korean products, cause they are not readily available in India. So I shall give a list of websites that are selling korean products and delivering in india.While with some I had my personal experience , others are reviews from my sisters and friends.

Please keep in mind that these skin products do not make your skin fairer. Always remeber fair skin does not mean good and healthy skin. The key to good skin is hydration(i repeat drink lots and lots of water), have a healthy diet and follow a good skin care regime. And it is not necessary that if a product is expensive , it will be good.Choose wisely and use them properly.

So… here is the list as I had promised.

But before i give u any website name… let me tell u, for the lucky beauties in Delhi- Innisfree and The face shop has launched their store in the capital. I am so jealous of u all !! 🙂

  • This was one of the first website i came across while researching about korean beauty products. This site however does not have any free shipping to India 🙁 But… if you are in US and Canada, this site is a bliss.
  • –  One of the most popular online seller in India, Amazon is having a wide range of Korean. I had ordered Tony Moly sheet masks from them. I have no idea if the seller is authentic but I got them for a good price.
  • Okay guys! Nykaa is giving 50% off on ‘The face shop’ and ‘Innisfree’ sheet masks if you order more than ten before 31st march… Wow!! I myself has not ordered from this site yet but it happens to be one of the best sites now.
  • Daisy skin fix This site I came across while searching for sites that deliver Korean skin care products in india for free. And they have free shipping on all orders. I have odered a Mizon Snail Repair Ampoul for myself but havent recieved yet, beacause it went out of stock.
  • Cosmetic Love I came to know about this site through a friend who is also a blogger and is a lover of korean products and cosmetics. This site does not charge for shipping in India and there are no custom charges if you keep your orders low. I will surely try ordering from this site the next time.

I hope this shall be helpful.

Well… Now talking about my favourite brands and sites will be a little difficult because I am currently based in a place where I get Korean products at a very reasonable price and I am not a brand conscious person. I stick to products that are good for my skin and it does not have to be expensive. And that is one reason I have also tried Thai and Chinese stuffs. To tell you the least I have no complains ! I have been wise in choosing the products and it had helped.

A lot of my friends and readers have requested me to review the individual products I get in my haul and asked me if I could send them the these awesome stuffs.I definitely can.

I will be reviewing each product after use and will be puting up their price in my instagram account and also in my blog space. You can let me know if u want them.But please keep in mind that it wont be any business or profit account nor will i give away products for free, I can only send them on pre-order and will give you a track-id for your order. No cash on delivery will be available and no return on the products once bought. I just want my blog followers to get these awesome products at the throw away prices that I am getting. 

However, I hope that you find this blog helpful. Will be posting individual reviews on the products i am using and the ones will be using. Do stay tuned 🙂

A blog on hair care coming soon! Thanks again for the love.

Till then..Keep Glowing!


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