High on skin (Part-I)

Now that holi is over and I celebrated my birthday, the one gift I don’t want as I near my thirties is dry, damaged and wrinkled skin. Correct me if I am wrong but Indian women do deprive their skin of the essential care it needs and then spend a fortune trying to repair and recover the damage done. But is it possible to rectify the damage … maybe!

But it is gonna take a lot of time… and the time shall depend on your skin type and the skin care regime you follow.

As for me… I agree I am gifted with good skin (all thanks to my genes) and I was always pushed by my mom to take care my skin. I was made to oil my skin everyday… I mean everyday! And this has become a habit now… I am glad it has.

But spending more than a year in Leh had taken a toll on my skin. The dry weather … the temperature going to minus … the heat of the sun… it was an extreme weather and it is supposed to harm your skin and hair, I was no exception! I love travelling and I travel a lot. Being in the sun has never been an issue for me. And I cannot carry an umbrella while I am out. My skin is very prone to getting tanned and like every normal girl I am lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin. guilty as charged!

Now I realize that I wanted to travel the way I love… carefree and at the same time I do want the person in the mirror to look fresh and glowy. Too much to ask for?! Maybe… but I know it’s not gonna be impossible

Makeup has never been my thing and I won’t say that I am not going to try it… I would love to! But if your skin is clear and has a natural glow, nothing beats that! This blog is about the skin care regime I follow and natural packs I make at home with stuffs u will get in your pantry easily.

These have been helping me and I am sure it is going to help you too!

Firstly, it is very important to understand your skin. And no matter what type of skin you have the basic – Cleansing Toning Moisturizing – is a must! And the trick is to choose your cleaner, toner and moisturizer according to your skin type.

So I shall give a brief about a few products I use and shall move on to the packs u can try making yourself. And a few hassle free tips and tricks for skin care while you are in travel mode.

  • Cleansing – Go for an oil based cleanser. Massage your face with this oil cleanser to make your makeup and dirt melt so that it can be cleaned with a gentle wipe with a cotton pad.

I am currently using L’Oreal Paris gentle cleansing milk.

  • Exfoliator – An exfoliator is nothing but a gentler version of a scrubber. It helps you get rid of dead skin gently without with harsh on skin.

I am currently using natural clean peeling gel by Ek`el (a Korean brand)


  • Toner – A toner balances the pH level of our skin and prepares our skin for the next step, so choose your toner wisely. It’s good to avoid the ones with alcohol in it.

                              Currently I am using Himalaya.

  • Moisturizers / Night creams – While day time it’s important to use a moisturizer, it is equally important to use a night cream. You will be amazed to see what wonders a good night cream can do to your skin. I highly recommend this step.

                             I am currently using a Thai brand ‘Camella‘ and I also love                  L’Oreal night mask.


Another amazing stuff that I have laid my hands on is ‘Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel’. This product is amazing to say the least and stays with me throughout the day and at times I don’t mind putting a layer at night. It’s one of the best aloe vera gels in the market and I can vouch for it.


For moisterization again i use a plant aqua lotion fluid from a korean brand Natuer Be.


  • Masks/Packs – This is my favourite part of skin care and recently .. I have fallen in love with sheet masks!

 Sheet mask – The concept of sheet mask is very new to india which is a shame… cause these stuffs r just magical! Its a well known fact that Korea is dominating the beauty industry and their sheet masks are to die for !It is amazing how this plumps up your skin and bringhtens it up.A healthy looking skin should be well hydrated and this mask is one of the best product to provide your skin with the essential hydration it needs (and ofcourse drinking loads of water). You can find loads of sheet masks in … do get a few and u shall see why i am so much in love with them. I am at present using a chinese brand ‘bio aqua’ and they seem to do wonders to my skin… and the best part about bio aqua is they r shit cheap compared to the korean brand. So i keep the korean ones for occassional use and bio aqua is my everyday routine now.


Mud packs- You know what is the best part about northeast? U see beautiful women everywhere.Not just beautiful but they take really good care of themselves , no matter which age gruop they belong to.And being in Manipur I tried laying my hands on the local favourite packs that the ladies of the villages around my location suggested. Not at all disappointed I am. They dont dry up your skin and yet works wonderfully.These mudpacks are going to be in my routine for a while now.


Sun Guard – I have learned this is the most important part of a skin care routine. If at times u are really lazy and theres only one cream you want to apply.. its a sunscreen lotion. Being in India its always good to use one of high spf (more than 24spf)

I am using Lotus spf 50.

So these are few basic steps and products that I suggest and trust me this routine takes a lot less time than u think. I’ll suggest you go for it and u shall see a considerable change in your skin.

In the next part i shall be writing about the natural pantry products i use for my routine. And trust me no store bought product can give u the result that these natural homemade stuffs gives.Please stay tuned 🙂

I will be eager to know if you guys are giving a try to this routine and feedback is always welcome!Do send in a msg . Till then….


check out the second part —

High on skin (Part – II)

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  1. Upasana Bhan

    Hey Priya…Quite handy tips …Never knew about this talent of yours …Great job dear ..Keep it up ..Pl do share something to stop hair fall …Til then bye …Love you.

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