She came… she saw… And she was conquered !

She stood there in d woods.. Fascinated!

Those huge trees stood there for ages.. That land belonged to them. Yet, they made her feel at home.

May be, because she was messy, as messy as those trees.
She could hear them breathe… May be they whispered to her too, Their tales… 1000 years old and so much more. They had so much to share..

She stood there. Staring at their hugeness with her blank eyes and all her senses awake!

The branches spread across and made the land appear dark and damp in that bright sunny afternoon.

The sound of a waterfall at a far distance, the chirping of strange unknown birds, the singing of the cricket, the rustling of the dry leaves.. Yet it was quiet! A quietness that could make a chill go down ur spine and make ur hair stand!

She walked inside the crowd of the strange trees.. The path lead nowhere. It was dark and silent!

She did not know why she felt at home.

Wait! She knew..

She wanted to be the jungle!
No, she did not want to stay there. She wanted to be it.. She wanted to be the jungle!!
It fascinated her… Calm Intimidating Mystirious Petrifying Revengeful!
It could eat u up with it’s fire… The devil in her connected to it well!

She could sense the crucade smile when she tried to give the jungle a face!
So proud yet so grounded.

The jungle ought to be a lady! So pure!

But she did not want to give it a gender.. It was above humans for her.. The jungle was mesmerizing to her without any form. She was in love.

She still stood there.. Breathing in the fresh air.

One could be so calm yet so chaotic. It had the option to be the tiger or the deer when ever it wanted. That was her beauty..

A beauty that could give u peace and terrify u at same time!
That she felt was heavenly… Something only owned by nature.
And she wanted to own that! She wanted to be the jungle.

Beautiful and mystirious.. Calm yet Intimidating.. Silent yet chaotic.. Proud yet grounded.. Motherly yet revengeful.. !!
She stood there. Eyes closed. All her senses awake. All peaceful and in Love.

She finally wishpered…
‘She wanted to be the jungle… She wanted to be the jungle..
May be she already was!! ‘


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19 thoughts on “She came… she saw… And she was conquered !

  1. CRD

    Beautifully written Preeyadarshini. I was mesmerised.

    And I learnt a new word – Crucade. 🙂

    keep writing. You’re an amazing talent. Found your blog through Indiblogger.

    Do drop by mine.


  2. Shilpi

    Beautifully written super talented girl i am falling short of words all good wishes and blessings.Lots of love.

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